Rob Dzedzy, Painter, Sculpter, Artist

“Design is key,” claims Rob Dzedzy. The creative process has always been in the forefront of his work. Ever since he was a child, Rob was designing and building things. “I have always had a strong interest in art and science,” he says. “As a kid, I always had a few experiments underway. I dismantled any old TV or radio I could get my hands on just to see how it was made.” For over 30 years, Dzedzy (pronounced Dezi) has been creating artwork, including: painting, sculpture, furniture and assemblage art. Starting his career as a graphic designer, he enjoyed the challenges of that two-dimensional world, but he visualized in three dimensions. His love of painting, sculpture, music, architecture, and furniture design are obvious in his work. Dzedzy is constantly experimenting with different materials and different ways to use them. In particular, he is passionate about reclaimed materials, “giving pieces of reclaimed material a second life as a piece of artwork is challenging and rewarding”